About the ASC Lab

The Laboratory for Algebraic and Symbolic Computation (ASC Lab) is located in lab 110 of the Reem Kayden Center for Science and Computation on the Annandale-on-Hudson, New York campus of Bard College.

The goal of the ASC Lab is to produce and share mathematical results with the aid of symbolic computing. Our research projects span a wide range from mathematical logic to the Semantic Web.

  • Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP) over Knots
  • CSP Dichotomy and Finite Quandles
  • The Word Problem over Finitely Presented Quandles
  • A Rewrite System for the First-Order Equational Theory of Quandles
  • Mal'cev Terms and First-Order Axiomatizability
  • Ontologies for Finite Algebras
  • Publishing Finite Algebra Results on the Semantic Web